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Grace Stover | Historic Downtown Staunton | VA Senior Portrait Photographer

Grace Stover | Historic Downtown Staunton Senior Portraits | Staunton, VA

Grace and I had the best time hanging out in historic downtown Staunton to capture her senior portraits! I love to capture senior portraits. I always enjoy hearing about everyone’s senior year and plans for the future. Grace is my first 2022 senior. I’m looking forward to meeting more seniors and learning their stories too.

We started off walking around downtown and then I asked her to trust me and follow me to a random field of tall grass, haha! I’m so glad she was up for it, because some of the field photos turned out to be some of my favorites. Also, can you guys believe she did her own hair? I was convinced she had it done in a salon, but no, she did it herself! I wish I could style my own hair like that.

So, a little bit about Grace. Grace is SO talented. She’s an amazing artist and terrific soccer player. She needed an extra elective class for her senior year and signed up for photography. I was so excited to hear that! That is where my love for photography really blossomed. I took photography courses in high school for three years and loved every minute of it. I hope Grace enjoys it as much as I did. Grace has big plans following graduation. She is planning to join the Marines! Grace, I am so proud of you and excited for all of your big plans. Congratulations! I hope you have the best senior year!

Enjoy my favorites from Grace’s Historic Downtown Staunton Senior Portraits.

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Historic Downtown Staunton Senior Portraits

August 24, 2021

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