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Charlottesville CureSearch Walk | Charlottesville, Virginia | Virginia Photographer

Charlottesville CureSearch Walk

September 28th, 2019

Charlottesville CureSearch Walk | Charlottesville, Virginia | Virginia Photographer


I was honored to be the official photographer for this year’s Charlottesville CureSearch Walk. This is a walk that I have participated in myself for so many years. This past weekend, two of my passions came together, pediatric hematology/oncology and photography. Having worked in the pediatric hematology/oncology clinic for the past several years, I have witnessed, firsthand, what these precious children and their families endure. I have grown very close to these children and their families, and this event is very close to my heart.

CureSearch is a nonprofit foundation with the mission to end childhood cancer! 43 children are diagnosed with cancer each day. We walk to celebrate the children who have survived cancer, to support those who are currently battling cancer, and to remember those who have not survived. The children put on their superhero capes, and lead hundreds of people on the CureSearch Walk at The Park at the University of Virginia.

One of the top fundraising teams, BradyStrong, started the morning off with the “Bike with Brady” ride. The ride began at the Augusta Health Hospital in Fishersville, VA and commenced at the CureSearch Walk in Charlottesville, VA. Four riders from their team braved the 34.33 mile bike ride that took 2 hours and 33 minutes to complete. Donors supported them by donating per mile or in a lump sum. The trip was discussed and organized by Ryan (Brady’s father) and Kendrick (Brady’s Uncle).

Ryan stated, 

“We decided to challenge ourselves considering what our kids go through while fighting. The trip was hard, but not compared to what children (Pediatric Cancer warriors) go through. I remember riding and thinking, ‘I may not make it up this hill’, no sooner, Brady spoke up and stated, ‘you’ve got this daddy, never give up’. That is what got me over the mountain and successfully completing the ride.”

An incredible total of $76,968.00 (and counting) was raised in an effort to fund innovative childhood cancer research, for new and better treatment options! The website will remain open through the end of the year. Please consider donating to this nonprofit foundation, and make a difference in the lives’ of these precious children!! Donate HERE!!

Charlottesville CureSearch Walk

September 28, 2019

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