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Evelyn | 1 Year Cake Smash Session

1 Year Cake Smash Session | Waynesboro, VA | Charlottesville Family Photographer

This was my third time capturing portraits for the sweet Kahl family. I have thoroughly enjoyed watching Evelyn grow over the last year. I cannot believe she is already ONE! Brittany did such an amazing job styling her 1 year cake smash session. She said she had a vision, and wow, I’d say she nailed it! She even made the adorable sign! I half-jokingly offered to buy the entire set up to use for future sessions, haha. It was extra special because they used several pieces that were Evelyn’s great-grandmothers.

I don’t normally shoot sessions in the afternoon this time of year, because the lighting can be harsh. But when Brittany told me that Evelyn goes to sleep by 6:45 pm, we decided an earlier time was best for a happy baby! I’ll try to pretend I’m not jealous of Evelyn’s solid 12 plus hours of sleep every night, when my own one year old still wakes up every few hours, haha! Even though it was still pretty bright out, we found a shady spot right by the river. I’d say Evelyn’s 1 year cake smash session was a huge success! She’s always been such a happy baby to photograph!

Enjoy my favorites!

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1 Year Cake Smash Session

April 26, 2022

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